eFiling Has Arrived in New Jersey Civil Court Cases

By the end of 2017, all civil cases in Superior Court in New Jersey will be on an electronic filing (“eFiling”) system.  This means that all things filed in court (pleadings, motions, hearing requests, etc.) must be done online.  The rollout of this program began in May and is progressing to all of the counties by the end of this year.

Attorneys must register for eFiling through their usual Attorney Registration portal and they also must set up a Judiciary Account Charge System (JACS) account.  An initial deposit of $500 into the JACS account is required and the balance may not fall below $300.  This is to cover filing fees on any case, including initial pleadings, motions, etc.

More information about the system is contained on the NJ Judiciary website and in an article published by the New Jersey Law Journal.

For those new to eFiling systems (we’ve been doing it for years in federal court), you can do training online for the NJ system.

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