Areas of Practice

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Family Law

Our practice can assist you in divorce, custody, visitation, child support, alimony, property division, and related matters.

Bankruptcy Law

Find that you are unable to meet your bills or pay your rent / mortgage or have a catastrophic medical issue that has created costs that your insurance won’t cover? We can advise as to whether bankruptcy is an option for you – and give you a fresh start.


Is there an adult in your family who can no longer handle their own affairs or medical decisions / health? Perhaps Guardianship is a solution.  Contact us to find out more.

Personal Injury

Whether you are injured by an automobile, truck, or other motorized vehicle, or you are injured while on a bicycle or as a pedestrian or from a product, we can get you justice.


We bring you 30+ years of experience in court, both federal and state, if you are involved in a lawsuit.

Special Education Law

Of primary importance to TLO is the enforcement of the legal rights of a child with a disability and his/her family.  We have a separate website dedicated to this area of law at

As a firm, we are committed to respond rapidly to your needs. We will strive to reply to your calls or emails within twenty-four (24) hours.