Bankruptcy Law

Debt weighing you down?  Collectors calling you?  Do you have a lawsuit against you?  You might consider filing a petition for bankruptcy.  No longer is bankruptcy a negative – in fact, it is now referred to as a “fresh start” for people.  Bankruptcy allows you to get out from under the heavy burden of debt or lawsuits and begin living again.

There are several types (chapters) of bankruptcy.  Chapter 7 is for individuals who want to get rid of their debt entirely (with some exceptions).  Chapter 13 is for individuals who can pay off their debt over time without having to be hassled about it.  There are other types, but these are the two most common and most likely helpful to you.

We provide legal assistance and guidance for using bankruptcy law as a debt relief tool and how it impacts your credit.  If you feel you may benefit from bankruptcy, please contact us.

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