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Bankruptcy and Debt Relief - For individuals facing difficult financial times, collection calls, credit card problems, foreclosure or mounting debt, we can make sure your rights are protected and help you manage (and sometimes reduce) your debt. We can also get you a fresh start through bankruptcy with dignity.

Consumer Law - We assist victims of Identity Theft, Internet frauds and scams, unsafe products, and deceptive or unfair business practices.

Disability Law and Social Security - Are you receiving all of the benefits to which you are legally entitled? We will assure that if you qualify you are receiving short term and long term disability, Social Security, and Medicare benefits. We will also protect you against discrimination by employers, the government, and private individuals and against abuse by elder care facilities.

Special Education Law / Children's Rights - We work with parents and children that have special needs and protect their rights in education and in the major transitions of life. We have a companion practice that focuses exclusively on these areas called SchoolKidsLawyer.com. Read more about these services by clicking the link.

Small Business - Nothing is more exciting than having your own business, but you want to do it right. We can assist you with organizing the business and handling other legal issues like collections.

Litigation - If you are being sued or want to enforce your legal rights, we have extensive experience in both the state and federal court systems.

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